"We take you under our wings"


I am convinced that the company Privileges Services will be equally exceptional, as was my husband.

To my friends

          Soňa Kodetová

Privileges Services company,

different than others. Same as its founder and owner,  Mrs. Martina Vomastková, that created a company that reflects her own philosophy and vision in approach towards the client and trade itself.

One of the Privileges Services company visions is connection of male and female perspective not only when choosing a car, but also in the ways of business settings in said business field.

The main essence of the company's philosophy is, however, responsible and fair treatment with the client. The goal is to achieve a solid business relationship with long-term perspective. The team consists of members who carry out their work with their hearts, straightforward acting and they know how to go up for what they believe.

Business activities of the managing director dates from 2003, when she operated in the field of tourism, advertising and marketing on a professional level.

Many years of experience at international company Mercedes-Benz Česká republika s.r.o. on a post of a sales manager with acquisition specialization was without a doubt a great utilization of her economical education and interest in an automotive industry.

Privileges Services company was founded based on these experiences in June 2013. With an emphasis on service quality the company focused on its development for next few months.

Passion for cars, esteem for the client, for the work and for the life. All of that was and is the "driving force" for the managing director to work hard and to create an environment in which the client is always in the first place.

Gain the trust of the other party is a value in itself. Seeing a satisfied customer is a joy. "Taking under our wings" everything related with acquisition of a new car including the aftercare is an honor.