"We take you under our wings"


On behalf of the Department of Paediatrics, University Hospital Motol, I thank to Mrs. Martina Vomastková for many years of support of patients of out clinic. In the last year she brokered the purchase of an equipment for hemodialysis for children. Using this device, we can return children to their families after the acute renal failure, oncological renal impairment, etc. This unit also treats children who are subsequently indicated for kidney transplantation. Other gifts, which Mrs. Martina gave us, have significantly benefited patients with severe diseases of the digestive tract. Regards a long-term hospitalized children with severe chronic inflammation (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis), with severe inflammation of the pancreas and children with severe hepatic diseases, some of which are undergoing liver transplantation. In the future we would like to aim our cooperation towards helping patients with severe lung diseases (e.g. Cystic fibrosis), where in case of very severe lung impairment, these children are indicated for transplantation. Children patients with diabetes are need great attention. I greatly appreciate our cooperation, discreet and modest approach, and I'm looking forward to new activities with the representatives of Privileges Services, as well as with its supporters.

                                                                            MUDr. Jana Tejnická - consultant of Pediatric clinic 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Vomastková for the years of favor, organizing events and therapy visits for children from "Klokánek" from across the whole Czech Republic, including other activities associated with the provision of equipment for our facilities. We greatly appreciate the time that is dedicated to our organization without remuneration. We would also like to thank to all those who have assisted Mrs. Vomastková in the past, as well as members of Privileges Services company, who expressed interest in supporting our cooperation. We look forward to a new future.

                                                                              JUDr. Marie Vodičková - founder and chairwoman


I have known Mrs. Vomastková since her high school studies. At that time, she helped me to care for my animals. She gradually replaced this form with more extensive support. In the name of all animals I would like to thank for the dedication, which is dedicated to our shelter. I would also like to thank all other members of Privileges Services who follow Mrs. Martina in other endeavors than the business ones. 

                                                                               Jaroslava Kladivová - founder of the animal shelter